A TV Stand that can be easily placed over furniture, elevated, and adjusted for viewing from the location of your choice.

Do you like to watch TV, videos, or work on the computer while you are reclining in an easy chair or lounging on the bed? We have designed TV Anywhere to be able to be placed anywhere over most furniture including over a King sized bed. Height adjustments are from around 4 feet to 7.5 feet. Even a 32 inch flat-screen TV becomes a wide-screen theater when it can practically be placed right in front of your face.

Over the Bed

This was our initial design intention and what started the product. You can be completely relaxed, laying on your back and even have the screen directly overhead and horizontal. Much easier on your neck muscles for an extended time. 

For Gamers

Let's be real. As a gamer, you take a bunch of time looking at the monitor. You can locate the monitor now completely out of the way of everyone, save your neck muscles, have less eyestrain, and be more relaxed. Don't be so hard on your body with those hours of staring down and leaning forward.

Computer Monitor Viewing

Need to crank out that website or produce code where you are going to burn up that keyboard for an extended period of time? Make it easier on yourself and you can keep your desk space more available for other stuff. Not shown in this earlier prototype, but we have a shelf built into the design now that will easily accommodate a system unit, getting just one more thing out of the way. Don't forget that the height adjusts from around 4 feet to 7.5 feet, so position it anywhere.

If you do customer service, you can also get the monitor out of the way for you and the customer.

Friends on the deck

Flat screen TVs are so light and the stand itself, while built solid is very light, so you can locate your TV on your deck, patio, or porch for that party or for the big game. While your friends can get up and even graze at snacks on the table under the TV, since it is elevated, everyone can still watch the game. Don't stack all that heavy awkward furniture to get unstable elevation for your TV, use TV Anywhere

CAD and Engineering

We have a Mechanical Engineer on staff that is finishing up detailed plans for the product. The final product includes methods of simple assembly and adjustment as well as features that make the stand easy to move about. There will be a built-in shelf to accommodate a computer system unit, gaming console, or DVR. Here is an illustration of what is closer to the final product.


We are actively pursuing licensees to develop and market this product. We have analyzed the market and it appears that even the first year sales of this product could be substantial. If you think you are with a company that can produce this product quickly and have a good distribution network in place and can develop a good sales plan, we want to hear from you. Feel free to use our Contact page.